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2019-12-04 00:18:08

An experience like no other, a career in technology at carsales will see you deliver more than just solutions and perfecting techniques. You will be joining an agile, dynamic and fast-paced team which thrives off creativity and collaboration to problem solve commercial ideas whilst identifying future industry trends.

Our skillsets span across a broad range of roles: Developers, Engineers, UX, UI, DevOps and QA. Each and every one of us can expect to play a crucial role in bringing our company into its next phase  – we’re risk takers, innovators and fast learners. Most importantly, we’re experts in our field and continuing to redefine an industry that is constantly evolving.

Our Tribes work with purpose and determination – and each Tribe is structured into Squads. Our squads are autonomous, self-organizing and self-managing and include: developers, QA, PMs, ops to get the project done!

From working autonomously to touching base with your Tribe and Squad – no two days are the same.

Diversity & Inclusion

At carsales, diversity and inclusion is who we are and who we aspire to be. Understanding, valuing and including the unique perspectives each of us bring - whether through our gender, experiences, background or beliefs - creates a more engaging workplace and enables us to better service our customers. We know that a diverse and inclusive working environment brings fresh perspectives, sparks innovation and improves our business. We encourage everyone to bring their true selves to work. 


Innovation is at the core of our carsales culture, and our bi-annual Hackathons provide a valuable opportunity to bring our people from across the business together, away from the day-to-day business activities, to work together to generate ideas to improve carsales, help our customers and solve business issues.

Our Hackathons are a true testament to our innovative DNA. We're all proud digital disrupters!

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