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2019-12-04 00:07:59

5 Misconceptions about the road of entrepreneurship Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other AppsHey Strikers!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday with loved ones and friends! Glad to have you back, so today I wanted to kind of touch base on a few things that I hear or have heard about entrepreneurship and then what I've learned in my journey.Here goes,...1.  ||   Planning is a waste of time   ||Let's be honest here, yes, things don't always go as planned and life will always throw you curveballs but that's a generalization and it cant happen to all of us. Even if you're not an entrepreneur. However, just like everything else in life, there are a few basic key points of information we need to make decisions and move the needle forward.  So if you're thinking about starting a retail shop,  e-commerce or anything really you need some kind of guideline.It doesn't have to be detailed but it still needs some thought process, like what are you wanting to pursue, what is your target market and what is the problem you're solving? is there a demand for it, you have to think about marketing and the quality of products and so much more. The basics alone, give you the room to fill in the blanks as you go and to learn as much as you need to make it happen.2.   || Funding is necessary to succeed.  ||Although money makes the business world and the rest of it go round, you don't necessarily need to have millions of dollars to get started. If you wait around for money to fall out of the sky or for people to miraculously give you the money to start your business, you'll never get it going.You have to think out of the box and push yourself to limits you've never encountered before. For example, if you're starting an online shop but can't afford to make the products first, you could invest a little money on getting your website done and have virtual prototypes of what you wish to sell and do pre-orders. Build a brand organically but posting frequently and getting the name out there and it'll basically pay for itself. A lot easier said than done but it takes a lot of will power and a strong mindset to make it happen. Whatever it is there's a way around the large monetary investment.3.  || Entrepreneurs do everything themselves.  ||There is only so much one person can do. Of course, you can try, however through trial and error you will soon learn that it's much easier delegating some of the workloads to others. For example, again doing retail you can design the products but you may not know how to make clothes or the product so now you have to find a manufacturer. You don't know about online marketing so you hire freelancers or a company to handle that and so forth. To be frank, as an entrepreneur, myself, I still need my business partner and our team to make the wheels turn.4.  || What work schedule?  ||Yes, entrepreneurs may not be working in the corporate world anymore but they most likely work more than the usual 9-5 shifts. Every day may vary. In the beginning, they may find themselves working all-day, because if they don't; they don't make money. Along with the progress doesn't move as quickly as they'd like. You have to work harder to than ever and sacrifice things like having a social life, sleep, family time and so on. The truth is that until you haven't established your business to a point where it can run itself, then you can't really relax. This is what I like to think of as the learning period, you learn a whole lot by failing and working out the kinks.5.  || Waaay too risky!   ||BUT I mean everything is a risk. Leaving your house to go to work every day is a risk. However, in the entrepreneurial world, you always hear about these uber-successful people who had to go homeless to pursue their dreams, bankruptcy and much more. The truth is those stories get told because they are wildly dramatic. Some can relate and others have a whole different story. Not every entrepreneur faces the same obstacles or tragedies. Mine alone is completely different, there are some people who work in the corporate world to provide for their business venture and eventually become full-time entrepreneurs.Whatever it is you want to pursue or are currently pursuing, don't let these common misconceptions stop you from living the life you've always wanted! I hope this was insightful for you all and I look forward to next time! Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other AppsComments

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